The oiid Foundation is an international foundation under Norwegian law, created in 2017 in Bergen, Norway.


To foster intercultural dialogue and peace among youth through innovative programs and tools in music education and technology.


The oiid Foundation aims to help foster peace and dialogue through music and education.
The technological innovation by oiid will be used to allow people, especially young people to interact and learn about one another through music. Through the unique interactive tools developed by oiid, kids all of the world will be able not only to communicate and connect but also to create music together.

The oiid Foundation will provide unique and free access to all of the educational and music told developed by its cutting-edge software engineers in order to promote mutual learning across cultures.

Its goal is to create free opportunities for learning with the visionary approach that the oiid company has always had - to break barriers, promote acceptance and connect people through music.


Music is the universal language of peace, dialogue and communication. With this in mind, the oiid company and its oiid Foundation founded in Bergen, Norway, with its proven track-record in music technology entrepreneurship and innovation, is creating un unparalleled and unique platform for students all over the world.

The oiid Education Platform will be one of the main initial programs launched by the oiid Foundation. Its aim will be to inspire, instill and empower young people to learn, create and connect through their knowledge of music, history and culture, delving into the uniqueness of each country and community while highlighting the universal thread that unite us - music.

The platform is an interactive interface that will be accessible to everyone free of charge with educational content on 196 countries around the world, accompanied by musical samples, a tool for music composition using the unique patent-pending oiid mixer interface, and sharing tools.

Composed of unique and unprecedented resources covering all countries of the world, the oiid platform will be a pioneering digital portal in the world of education and music. Despite the diversity of sources of information and the democratization of commercial space in the field of music, access to musical resources remains limited to a restricted category of genres and musical instruments. The oiid Education platform has the ambition to offer a unique space for sharing and accessing music from all countries in the world, offering sound, instruments and musical extracts from different musical cultures and their various declinations according to the cultures and the epochs.

This major project will promote cultural heritage of the countries concerned, as well as the world cultural heritage. It will also serve the creation of music and its diversity; As it will also serve musicians by offering an accessible virtual world music library that they can use and consult around the world during their creative process.

The ambition of the oiid Education Platform is thus to constitute a true worldwide music encyclopedia, collecting the resources within the world cultural heritage, notably through the unique technology developed by the oiid company. Its ambition is also to make this knowledge available to the greatest number of people, in order to foster artistic creation and mutual knowledge through arts and culture as vectors of peace.


Creation of a free online education platform

An interactive educational resource with a substantial section devoted to music, covering all the countries of the world (multidisciplinary electronic support (history, geography, culture and societies, music).

Creation of a free online world music database

• An interactive musical database of all musical traditions and instruments, allowing students to mix, compose and share their own songs using sounds from all over the world.

Academic exchanges and cultural events in Post-Conflict and Fragile States.

• Organize academic exchanges around musical sharing, in partnership with international and regional educational networks, as well as governmental and charitable organizations with an educational and cultural mandate.
• Particular attention will be paid to refugee camps and post-conflict zones in order to contribute to the reconstruction and accompaniment of young people through music and the valorization of cultural heritage.

Cultural partnerships

• Promote cultural partnerships between educational networks in the field of music.

Promotion and awareness-raising of world musical cultural heritage.

• Campaigns and communication strategies to contribute to international promotion and awareness-raising targets around the protection and enhancement of intangible cultural heritage.

Advice to decision-makers.

• Expertise will be provided to decision-makers in the field of cultural policies with a view to enhancing local musical cultures throughout the world.


The Foundation uses its financial resources on projects in the field of education and pedagogy through music. It implements projects managed and coordinated directly by the Foundation in partnership with relevant partners and institutions.


The structure of the oiid Foundation is an autonomous legal and administrative structure, composed of an operational team that works in close coordination with the oiid Music team.